Big goals, big deals

 Ghana is an import substitution country and the growing volumes of goods entering its ports, has made it an emerging maritime hub of the sub region and again the gateway to West African.

With the ever increasing change in consumer behaviours and requirements, as well as related agencies becoming complex, the rich experience of our  staff, culminated in the success clocked in the clearing and forwarding business, TASS is well positioned to grow and handle all future volumes of   business and to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Trans Atlantic Shipping Services aspires to appear on the Ghanaian trade market, as a leading clearing agent provider.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and flexibility in the clearing Industry.

To consistently improve our service quality in every way we can.

Our Mission

TASS strives to offer complete clearing solution to our domestic client.

Ensure that goods reach their destination via the most suitable mode of transport, thus minimizing cost and avoiding delays.

We remain committed to providing our clients with excellent shipping experience. Ensure total commitment towards delivering safely to the door of the consignee.

TASS will offer efficient customer care advice to meet the customer’s requirement.

Our success story is linked with total support to our committed clients.

We dedicate our total services to our clients and ensure their satisfaction.


The company is a proud member of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) where it’s Managing Director; Madam Teresa Bessabro is a full member and has been in custom House Operations over 25 years.



TASS can boast of well experienced management team with higher academic and professional qualifications as well as staff with varied experience from the Ghana Supply Commission, a previous working experience background.

With total staff strength of 15 employees spread over Administration, Operations, ICUMS, Export and Import and Accounts, the staff possesses the requisite technical and supervisory qualifications needed to perform any duty required of them. TASS have the men who are well motivated and experienced who provide their clients with customized, consistent and exceptional service.

Together, the management and staff team meticulously manage shipments, handle with care and dedication, all our clients shipments which no doubt decrease cost and help increase their revenues in their business transactions.